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New catamarans in our fleet for Summer 2024

Discover 7 catamarans we have choosen!

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Top 5 sailing catamarans for charter in Croatia

We bring you the list of 5 most reliable and luxurious rental catamarans in Croatia!

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Why charter a sailing catamaran in Croatia?

Croatia catamaran charter offers you the ultimate enjoyment and a sense of privacy unlike any other type of holiday. The moment you step on board a sailing catamaran you will be able to enjoy a unique sense of freedom and luxury.

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The Best choice of catamarans in Croatia

Catamaran charter in Croatia is fun with! We offer more than 150 catamarans for charter, from 30 marinas in Croatia.

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Early booking deals! Catamaran charter 2022

Special offer for charter season 2022!

New catamarans in our offer – summer 2021

NEW CATAMARANS IN OUR OFFER – SUMMER 2021 Catamarans are a very popular charter vessels due to their great stability, spaciousness and safety. The most popular brands of sailing catamarans available for charter in Croatia are all French …

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New charter catamarans in our fleet – season 2022

Explore our newest catamarans for private cruise and explore Croatia in complete comfort and relaxation