Catamaran charter Croatia is fun with, a website that specializes in sailing catamaran rental in Croatia, and organizing sailing holidays in Croatia. Founded back in 2010, CroatiaCatamaran brings you a perfect sailing experience on the Adriatic, as we try the hardest to give you an unforgettable Croatian holiday!

We offer more than 400 catamarans for charter, from 30 marinas in Croatia. Over the years, we served more than 15 000 satisfied clients that keep coming back, to enjoy Croatia again and again! You can book a crewed or bareboat catamaran, depending on whether You’d like to sail yourself, or just relax and have an experience professional take care of the sailing!

At CroatiaCatamaran we work the hardest, offer the absolute best sailing experiences, and catamarans at best prices in the business!

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Croatia’s Adriatic Sea is relatively shallow, with more than a 1000 islands, reefs, and rocks which are scattered from its southernmost to the most northern spot! All these islands are located in a relatively small surface, which gives you the most stunning sailing experience, and arguably some of the most beautiful views in the world. But all this beauty comes with some narrow and more importantly shallow passages, which are not accessible with just any type of boat/yacht.  Sailing catamaran is the perfect boat type for Croatia! First of all catamarans have a wide stable shape, so they don’t need a deep counterbalance of a fin to remain stable. Catamarans have a shallow draft, in other words the sunken part of the yacht is rarely more than 1,50 meters, so you can access all of the sailing spots, sail almost any passage, etc. Catamarans also bring an advantage of size, with more free space, bigger cabins and a luxurious feeling, with only a fraction of a price of a motor yacht!

If you’re looking into yacht charter in Croatia, Catamaran rental is the absolute best option, made even better with CroatiaCatamarn. Contact us, and we’ll do our absolute best to find a perfect option for you, organize your trip, and help you spend an unforgettable holiday sailing a catamaran in Croatia!