Catamaran rent

Catamaran rent in Croatia offers the best sailing experience in the beautiful Adriatic! A luxury charter vacation on board a crewed catamaran ensures smooth, stable cruising and access to some of the world’s most spectacular shallow waters. Charter a catamaran sailing boat!


In recent years Croatia became one of the most popular destinations for people who want a bespoke experience in boat rental holidays, and that is not a coincidence. With more than 7000 boats available for charter, at the Adriatic sea there is plenty of choice to choose for everyone’s taste. Great nautical infrastructure like ports, marinas, restaurants with mooring buoys etc. provide great opportunities to explore different places.

Beautiful hidden anchorages, turquoise waters, untouched nature and magnificent dalmatian cuisine are only some of the many reasons why people go for catamaran sailing in Croatia. There are different sailing regions at the Adriatic which we will cover later, but all of them give you different experiences and impressions about the sailing, so we assure you that if you visit Croatia you will not regret it.


Among many different types of boats like sailboats, motor yachts, gulets, mini cruisers and more, catamarans offer most for their given price. There are a lot of reasons why to choose a catamaran over other boat types, but here we will cover only some of them. The first and most important reason is space. Catamarans offer plenty of space, thanks to the wide beam cockpit area on a 40 ft long catamaran is comparable to a 60 ft motor boat. This allowed catamarans producers to put large dinning tables at the aft deck, lounge area and wide walkways all around the cockpit.

The width of side decks is a very important safety feature, unlike on most of the sailboats, they are completely flush without any obstacles like genoa travellers and more. This allows everyone, especially kids, to walk all around the boat without any worries of injuring their feet. On the fore deck, most catamarans are equipped with cushions or small cocktail area which is great place to enjoy warm summer sun of Adriatic sea. Also, large storage spaces located on bow deck should not be forgotten as they are a very important feature on a boat of any size. Very often they act as a generator or the water maker housing which is usually not possible on sailboats of similar size.


The real advantage of catamarans is their interior space, with the saloon located on the main deck, it is more spacious than on any other vessel. All charter catamarans are equipped with a fully functional kitchen and indoor dinning table, which allows normal living on board for more than just a few days, even if it is raining outside. From each side of the saloon you can find stairs which lead to two separate sets of cabins, one in the left hull and one in the right hull. This feature is highly appreciated from groups of families which want to travel together but still want some privacy. “Owning” one hull gives you the felling like you are alone on board because you don’t see nor hear anything from the other side of the catamaran.

An advantage many guests appreciate about catamarans is comfort. Two hulls and a wide beam ensure better stability in bad weather and less rolling while sleeping on the anchor. Catamarans, unlike sailboats, do not lean that much while sailing with their main sail and genoa, resulting in much more relaxing traveling from bay to bay in beautiful Croatia. And last but not least, if has lower fuel consumption: two hulls generate less water drag than for example motor boats, which results in lower fuel costs and in average charter costs.

Side view of sunreef 80 catamaran while sailing with genaker sail


Lenght: 24 m

Cabins: 8

Produced 2020

Price: 53.000 - 80.000 eur

Lagoon Seventy 7 with fully operational sails on open sea


Lenght: 23.3 m

Cabins: 4

Produced 2019

Price: 53.000 - 77.000 eur

Sailing catamaran Lagoon Sixty 5 at Adriatic sea


Lenght: 20.5 m

Cabins: 4

Produced 2021

Price: 17.000 - 36.000 eur

lagoon 620

Lagoon 620

Lenght: 18.9 m

Cabins: 4 + 2

Produced 2019

Price: 9.000 - 33.000 eur

Catamaran sunreef 60 sailing in Croatia during the summer


Lenght: 18.3 m

Cabins: 4

Produced 2020

Price: 16.500 - 33.000 eur

lagoon 560

Lagoon 560

Lenght: 17.1 m

Cabins: 4 + 2

Produced 2017

Price: 5.000 - 23.000 eur

Lagoon 55 sailing at sea


Lenght: 16.5 m

Cabins: 6

Produced 2022

Price: 17.500 - 32.000 eur

Catamaran bali 5.4 near Croatian coast

BALI 5.4

Lenght: 16.2 m

Cabins: 6 + 2

Produced 2019

Price: 6.880 - 20.000 eur

Lagoon 52

Lagoon 52

Lenght: 15.8 m

Cabins: 4 + 2

Produced 2021

Price: 3.000 - 18.000 eur