Early booking offer – summer 2022

Sailing in Croatia is one of the most pleasant ways to spend holidays with your family or friends. It brings you unforgettable moments, new friendships and a peaceful environment for your mind and soul. It opens completely new horizons and is the best way to explore untouched nature and new cultures. We know that our guests are always searching for the best deal possible and that is reason why we prepared a special offer for you: a discount up to 20% on all charter catamarans for the summer season 2022 which will be booked before 31.12.2021.

How to get early booking discount now?

Best way to book a catamaran in Croatia is to send us your inquiry. That way, our professionals will answer all your questions and suggest the best catamarans that suit your needs. If you are a bit more experienced sailor, you can always spend some time on our website and find the best catamaran for yourself with our real time search engine. Just choose the dates, some extras such as a skipper or hostess, and our team will respond as soon as possible.

Book your catamaran now and get the best deal for 2022 sailing holidays in Croatia!