Planning in advance what to pack for a catamaran holiday is essential if You wish to have carefree vacation. That is what we have learned through many years of experience. Life aboard a catamaran requires some packing strategy. We can recommend You to follow some of our guidelines to enhance your vacation:

Prepare yourself a soft duffel type of luggage since it eases storage aboard both the catamaran and the airplane.Try no to have check-in baggage at the airport or at least make sure that it contains less essential items in case You loose it.

Pack clothing suitable to a destination where You will be going. An extra research about the climate of the area you will be visiting is highly recommendable. A catamaran vacation is leisurely and rarely requires anything more than casual attire. Light clothing and footwear, hat, swimsuit are highly recommendable. It is also recommendable to pack clothing that is multi-purpose and easily washed since less luggage very often means less burden.

Non-skid rubber-soled shoes, sun screening products and insect repellent are must have for life aboard a catamaran. Personal items including sunglasses, spare contact lenses if worn, mask, fins are also advisable to take.

Don’t forget to pack an adequate supply of all prescription medications and one of the most important things You should bring on a catamaran vacation are the personal documents including identity card, passport, sailing permit and boarding voucher.