Our offer includes many bareboat sailing catamarans available for charter in Croatia. For those new to this concept a bareboat catamaran charter comes with no crew or provisions. Instead, charterers who rent the catamaran from us are responsible for taking care of these aspects.

Don’t worry, the bareboat chartering process is not so complicated and we would gladly point out at all the important aspects relating to this pleasurable job making it easy, fun and affordable.

It is much easier to navigate a catamaran than the monohulls and therefore catamarans are perfect vessels for bareboat charter. If you want to take your friends or family on sailing holidays on your own, bareboat catamaran charter is perfect choice for You. You are responsible for operating the catamaran and for all passengers onboard taking them wherever you like. You and all the other passengers onboard rely only on your sailing skills and experience.

To charter a bareboat catamaran in Croatia, there must be at least one certifed skiper over 18 years old. The skiper should be competent at handling a yacht in close quarters, anchoring and moring in varying conditons and be able to use navigation and pilotage skils to plan the day’s sailng and know your positon at any time. As a yacht skiper one is required to have an oficial sailing license or a certificate issued by a government of state aproved organization together with VHF Radio Operator’s License.

A list of officialy accepted licenses in Croatia is available at the Croatian Ministry of Sea website – (htp:/www.mmpi.hr). Please check the list of officialy accepted licenses as the list is updated every few months. This list is organized by country and details the acepted competence levels for experience, boat size and distance-from-shore-sailng for the various certifcates acepted.

It is esential that you take your the original skippers license or certifcate with you so that if Port Authorites ask you can present it to them. If you do not have an official sailng license according to Croatian law the marina staff will not be able to allow you to charter a catamaran without an officialy certifed skiper onboard.

Bareboat catamaran charter Croatia is a challenging adventure where you arrange your own itinerary and rely only on your own competence in navigation.