The Lagoon 42 Catamaran is not among the largest of our catamarans, but it’s certainly one of the best Croatia Catamaran has to offer. This boat is available in Croatia, as a bareboat and crewed rental. Stunning, elegant lines of this boat, made as a reminder of the legacy of this boat, also make it a great sailing boat in all conditions, stable and easy to handle. The 42 comes from a long line of Lagoon Catamarans, and as a “remake”, of a sort, of its older predecessor, of the same name.

The intelligent positioning of the mast, cockpit, and other sailing components make the 42 easy and natural to handle, and it makes a great sailing experience, especially if you’re sailing a beautiful place, such as Croatia. A large cockpit area, as well as the entire stern area, makes for a perfect place to spend time on your holiday. There’ enough space for everyone aboard this catamaran for all passengers to sunbathe, and relax in any way.  The twin staircase on the stern brings an easy sea access, which is really helpful in the warm Croatian summer. As in every lagoon catamaran, there is a an almost signature, spacious saloon, equipped with everything you need to make your holiday comfortable and enjoyable. Large windows surround the cockpit, allowing lots of natural light inside.

Lagoon 42 has enough interior space to comfortably accommodate 8 persons in 4 large comfortable cabins. Each cabin is equipped with the top line components, made from high end materials, antibacterial bedding,  and everything you need for a perfect stay, on your perfect Croatian Holiday.

Sail away with Lagoon 42 and Croatia Catamaran!