Some of our catamarans are available for one way charter enabling you to leave the catamaran at a different base from where you started. This saves you sailing back along the coast you have already visited.

However, Croatian coastline is so rugged that with so many islands it’s easy to plan a circular route and return to your start point without seeing the same place twice. And that is the reason why one way charters are not so popular in Croatia and there is only limited choice of catamarans available for one way charter.

Although it can easily be arranged for the yacht to be returned to its home port, this takes time and can mean the yacht is then unavailable for charter the following week.

That is the rason why very often disembarkation is required one day before on Friday so practically this way You loose 1 day of sailing. Don’t forget that chartering by catamaran in one way option You are obliged to pay for one way fee requested for transfering the boat back to home marina.

Before you decide to do a one way charter please bear in mind that there can be one complication. Charter flights are often sold into and back from the same airport. So you may have  long land transfer at the start or end of the holiday to fit in with your flights.

If You despite knowing all these facts still persist to do a one way route then we recommend a one way itinerary from Split or Dubrovnik or the opposite way from Dubrovnik to Split. Visiting at the same time Split and its archipelago and Dubrovnik with it’s island is a real pleasure for all lovers of cultural heritage and immense natural beauties that these two cities are offering to its visitors.