Catamaran charter Croatia is the right choice for you if You find stability, comfort and spaciousness of the vessel the most important things during your sailing holidays.

Catamarans are wide wessels with 2 hulls offering that way at same time space, comfort and luxury to it’s guest. The cockpit and saloon are spacious enough to lounge around so one will be able to socialize with friends and family while chartering a catamaran. Chartering a catamaran is an excellent option for those who are not much experienced in sailing because these vessels are stable and do not lean too much, maximum 5 degrees. The stability is the key word of the sailing catamarans and it is very important for people suffering from seasickness.

Due to their shallow draft many of the most attractive Croatian bays are easily reachable with a catamaran.

Catamarans are vessels that offer great elegance, comfort and luxury due to their exceptional living spaces both above and below deck. More space enables more privacy. The cabins are usually located in the corners of the boat as are the heads, and are separate from the lounging areas and the galley. This basically means that everyone can find their corner on the boat and rest assured no one will bother them.

Sailing a catamaran is incredibly safe and it is much easier than navigating monohull.

Today catamarans are a very popular charter vessels due to their great stability, spaciousness and safety. They can be sail or engine powered. They have two engines, one in each hull for the days when there are no winds. Engine-powered catamarans are vessels that  incorporate the best features of a motor yacht and combining it with the characteristics of a multihull.

The most popular brands of sailing catamarans available for charter in Croatia are all French companies:


The most popular charter models range from 38′ to 62′ feets. Lagoon catamarans are designed for the charter bussiness. These catamarans offer space and comfort and are easy to navigate.

Fountaine Pajot

Offering size range from 36′ to 65′ feets. Comfort and performance on the sae makes them very popular charter brand.


Nautitech catamarans are fast, elegant and easy to navigate and their sizes range from 36′ to 49′ feet.

Croatian charter market offers more than 200 catamarans available for bareboat or crewed charter in Croatia.